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Feb. 2016


ADAA is so excited to present the first competition results in February, 2016.   We received the total of 9 awards of top ten overall in high score and two Diamond awards, Seven High Gold, one First top. Two Judge’s Choices, One Choreography award, one performance award. Golden ticket to the World Dance Championship in NJ on August 2, 2016.

Congratulation to all dancers for the excellent performances,
Thanks all parents’ great effort and support throughout the competitions.

Thanks Ms. Ye's excellent teaching and choreographing.
More pictures and video will be on the home page of the homepage .

Stay tuned. There are four competitions coming up in March, April, and May.



Awards Record, February, 2016


October, 2015

ADAA expands class to provide Hip-Hop classes.

 Hip hop class start in Octobler, 2015. Class schedules have been published online here

Here is a demo of the Hip Hop dance with the instructor.


September, 2015

New gymnastics class offered from the Fall

ADAA provides more Gymnastics class from the 2015 Fall session.


August 5, 2015

Congratulations, Winnie Mu won the 2015 National Champion in the Pointe Solo National Finals, Orlando, FL.   

July 20, 2015

The Night of Cat and Mouse won the 2nd place in 2015 National Finals, LA California.



2015 Reginald contest for the National Dance Competitions



          2015 Reginal Contest Brief


February 20,  2015

ADAA annual showcase calendar. The ADAA 2015 annual dance showcase is scheduled to May 31, 2015. The show will include 2 different showcases on the same day.  One from the younger students and the other is from more advanced dancers.  Public audience will be able to watch the show as long as seats are available and booked ahead of time.



January 10,2015

The Achieve Dance Arts Academy have reached an agreement with the EPI, an nonprofit organization in the bay area, to support its effort, in helping people need financial assistance. The ADAA will perform at the EPI fundraiser event on the June 7, 2015. Selected outstanding programs from the ADAA 2015 annual showcase will be presented at the event.


  August 1, 2014

  In July 2014, we went to the National Final Competitions of Nexstar, Spotlight, Kar, and Star Systems.   Our students performed extremely well and earned many top position awards. They brought home Trophies, Plaques and Meddles to report to their teachers, parents and friends.

  Congratulations!!!               Click and watch video here: 

  If you are not on the winners list yet, are you going to be next year? Remember, they won because they believed in themselves, and you can too!

2014 Dance Competition National Finals Report





Dance Routine
The Peacock is Coming
Winnie Mu
Platinum, 1st place with Trophy in Folkloric
Orlando, FL
July 14,2014
3rd  Place Trophy of top 10 High Score
The Peacock is Coming
Winnie Mu
Diamond Medal in Folkloric
Los Angeles, CA
July 9,2014
9th place Plaque of top 10 high score
The Peacock is Coming
Winnie Mu
Top First Place with Trophy in  Folkloric
Las Vegas, NV
July 8,2014
Huayao Dance
Amy Li
Top First Place with Trophy in  Folkloric
Las Vegas, NV
July 7,2014
Iris Zeng
4th Place Plaque  of Top 10 High Score
Jasmine Lee
Huayao Dance
Amy Li
Top First Place with Trophy in  Folkloric
Las Vegas, NV
June 29,2014
Iris Zeng
Jasmine Lee
Opera Figures
Alicia Qian
Los Angeles, CA
July 11,2014
Claire He
SPOTLIGHT AWARD: Best costume Award  Plaque
Krystal Yang
SPOTLIGHT AWARD:  Ruby  Plaque award for Studio
Winnie Mu

June 10, 2014                                  

We had a showcase on June 7, 2014. It was awesome. Want to see the slide show pictures? Showcase pictures

Want to watch the shows again? Showcase videos.


May 2, 2014

Revolution Talent Competition, San Jose, CA

We won 1st place in 12-14 solo competition

April 27, 2014. San Jose

StarPower Talent Competition

We won the 4th place in age 12-14 Solo group.

April 12, 2014

Star Systems National Talent Competition. San Jose, CA

We were granted with a 3rd place award in 12-14 solo competition.

March 7, 2014

Many students and parents want classes in Jazz and Lyrics dancing. ADAA starts to offer these class from this March. The instructor is a very experienced dancer and teacher. The details of the class is on this page.

Here are some pictures of the teacher Rachel.


March 2, 2014

Yesterday, March 1, 2014, ADAA students went to the Nexstar Talent Completions, a large scale national dance competition program. We won the 1st place for the 6 year trio dance, 1st place in 12 and up small group contest and 3rd place for 12 + solo competitions.


February 24, 2014

Yesterday, February 23, 2014, our students performed in a concert at the Mountain View Performing Arts Theater. Our performances are among the programs that earned the highest applause from the audience. Some of the pictures are showing here.


February 12, 2014

We had 3 program participated in the National Dance Competition on Feb. 9. 2014.

One earned the Ruby prize with the 2nd place in the Duo 7-8 year old group.  video

One won the Diamond prize with the overall division first place in small groups of 12 year old and up. video

One won the Diamond prize with the overall division first place in 12 year and up solo competition. video

Congratulations, way to go!  Here is the video for the prize awarding ceremony.



February 8, 2014

The Spotlight National Dance Competition regional contest takes place this weekend. Here is one of the pictures our dancers took at the site.



February 3, 2014


北京电影学院著名导演林洪桐教授将于今年在启悟舞蹈艺术学院排演 系列歌舞剧《喜羊羊与灰太狼》。培训课程在暑期开办。 学员遴选将于近日开始。



  1. 年龄5-15 岁

  2. 有强烈艺术表演欲望和热情

  3. 有舞蹈基础或较高语言表达能力

  4. 家长热情支持学生的艺术能力培养




January 29, 2014.

As the spring comes, the showcase season starts. There are numerous shows our students have been invited to perform in January and February 2014.

  • We are invited to perform at the Mountainview Performing Arts Theater at downtown Mountainview on Sunday, February 23. The formal commercial concert is dedicated to the celebration of the100th birthday of the great Chinese musician - Wang Luo Bing (王洛滨), who authored more than one thousand very popular songs. ADAA teams will perform at least 4 dance programs at the concert. If you or your friends are interested in enjoying the show, tickets will be available at the Achieve Dance Arts Academy.

  • The Children's Discovery Museum, at downtown San Jose, has invited our performance teams to present dance programs on February 9.

  • ADAA student will perform on February 8, 2014, at the National Dance Competition.  Three routines will be participating in this round of the contest. We will perform 4 selected dance programs there.

  •  Synaptic Systems has invited our students to perform at a company event On February 7. We will present 4 programs at the company's McKee campus.

  •  Yahoo Inc. has invited our team to perform at its company celebration event on February 6.

  • Zhejiang University Northern California Alumni Association has invited us to present dance programs on its February 1 new year celebration event in Cupertino. 


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