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ADAA 2016 Fall-2017 Tuition

ADAA 2016 Fall-2017 Tuition   408 533-8835
Type Regular Price Discount rate
Ballet and Folk   Take additional classes
Solo  $75/hr. $70/hr
Duet  $55/hr. $50/hr
Trios  $50/hr. $45/hr
Small Group 4 $40/hr. $30/hr
Small Group 5 $30/hr $25/hr
Group  >6 ( <3hr) $20/hr $18/hr
>3.5hrs/week $20/hr $17/hr. 
>5 hrs/week $20/hr $16/hr. 
6-6.5hrs/week $20/hr $15/hr. 
>6.5hr/week $20/hr $14/hr
>7.5hr/week $20/hr $13/hr
Jazz  and Lyrical   Take additional class 
Solo $75/hr. $70/hr
Duet  $55/hr. $45/hr.
Trios  $40/hr. $35/hr
Four $30/hr. $25/hr
Five $25/hr $22/hr
Group  $20/hr $18/hr
Gymnastic   Take additional class 
Beginner Level 20/hr $18/hr
Intermeiated Level 20/hr $18/hr
Advanced level $22/hr $20/hr
Private $35/0.5hr $30/0.5hr
2016 competition   No Discount
Solo  $70/hr.  
Duet  $55/hr.  
Trios  $50/hr.  
Small Group 4-5 $35  
Small Group 6-7 $25  
Group  8-9 $22  
Group  >10 $20/hr  
Solo $75/hr. $65
Duet  $40/hr $35/hr
Trios  $35/hr $30/hr
Small Group  4-5 $25/hr. $20/hr
Small Group  6-7 $20/hr $15/hr
Small Group  8-9 $18/hr $12/hr. 
Group over >10 $15 $10
Latin or social dance    
Group $20 $15
5% sibling discount
 least 6 students to open any group class    


Price schedule for other classes can be obtained from the office.


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