Achieve Dance Arts Academy




Ideal spaces for

  • Dance classes

  • Weddings

  • Community gatherings & parties

  • Catering and banqueting

  • Arts Exhibits

  • Ballroom dance

  • Karaoke parties

  • Conference and workshops

Our new studios are equipped with professional lighting and sound systems, snack and food preparing areas.

Studio Approx Size Rental Rate
A 1250 sf $100/hr
B 990 sf $80/hr
C 660 sf $70/hr
  • The minimum rental time is 3 hours.

  • The setup and clean up time are counted in the rental time

  • Karaoke systems, lighting and DJ services: $299 per event

  • Catering requires $100 clean up fee

  • A commitment deposit of $100 is due upon confirmation of the reservation. It is later counted as part of the rental payment

  • A safety deposit of $500 is due before the event starts. It is completely refunded if there is no damage made during the event, that requires repair to the facility.  The refund amount will be determined and paid after the repair is complete otherwise.

  • The entire rental amount, with the credit to the reservation deposit, is due before the event starts.

Limited time slots: Saturdays, 5 PM to 12 AM and Sundays, 3 PM to 12 AM


Reservation Application

  Event Description

 Event Date & time  

  Full Name Contact Phone
  Email Address Mailing Address

We will contact you to make the arrangement upon receiving your application



Achieve Dance Arts Academy

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